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Mythic N'Zoth
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This one is for you, Ron. 150 pulls for US 26 (World 125) with Hall of Fame. I honestly wasn’t sure if we would make it. We killed it in our 3rd good P3 pull. We optimized this fight more than any other fight in the history of this team. All our timings were on point, the burns were ahead at every phase, and our positioning was improving every night. We entered the gate room at an insane 35.5% on N’Zoth, meaning if we played clean we would assuredly get it, and on our last pull of the night we did just that.

Despite all the pressure we never added any extra days or time, and killed it inside our 9 hour per week schedule. I am so impressed with this team. Truly exemplifying that high-end raiding doesn’t have to mean high hours. What an amazing end to this expansion.

There are so many shoutouts I want to give. So many people cheered us on and gave us support.

@Kel for swapping to Sin on our literal last night to increase boss damage, after having done the entire...

Introducing our Code of Conduct

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The past few weeks have been difficult, painful, and eye-opening for the gaming community. It’s easy to want to avoid discussing subjects like abuse, discrimination and mental health struggles—after all, we play games to have fun—but for gaming culture to become healthier and more inclusive, we all have to reflect on the uncomfortable issues facing us and put in effort to improve.

Why do we need a Code of Conduct? Shouldn’t “don’t be a shitty person” just be self-explanatory? Unfortunately that statement, left to interpretation, is simply too ambiguous. How can we reasonably enforce something so loosely defined? Previously, we had some basic internal rules in place concerning matters like discrimination and harrassment, but everyone outside our community had no idea how we dealt with such behavior. We’re solving that today.

Our approach to addressing systemic issues in the gaming community and World of Warcraft is firmly rooted in...
Mythic N'zoth
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The squid is dead. 291 pulls for 214 US (638 World) and now it's time to shift gears and continue to grow our skill-sets and refine our roster. I'm very proud of our team.

I could write shout-outs for an hour so apologies if I leave anyone out.
  • @Raeb for supporting and growing the group until work got in the way. We miss you, brother.
  • @Ralphh for working hard outside of raid to orchestrate raid-wide cooldowns.
  • @Dobi for continued guidance, @Olivia & @Ravana for the log analysis and advice, and @Treefee for his unique energy and support.
  • @Morose and @Phont for your leadership this tier.
  • @Abyssal for recruitment and also stepping up and nailing down a hybrid strategy that netted us a 32 percent burn before the Heart Chamber! (8 percent ahead of a reasonable goal)
  • @LewdUwU for his...
Mythic Carapace of N'zoth
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Team 8 is rounding the bend for our CE this tier and it feels great. This kill was a bitter-sweet one as @Raeb, who was been an integral part of building this team and seeing it grow, has earned a promotion at work and won't be able to continue playing with us for now. We killed Mythic Carapace US 221 to the soundtrack of a few "For Raeb!" nerd screams. Team 8 will continue to carry the torch of efficient progression on a light schedule with no overtime.


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