Mythic Fyrakk

The fire dragon is dead after 211 pulls for US 26 / World 91! That puts a bow on Dragonflight, which was honestly a pretty good expansion compared to the last two. This tier was the hardest we've seen since Sepulcher and overall really proud of the team for finishing strong. We haven't had a boss test our mental in a while and these last two bosses (Tindral especially) did not disappoint. We came into this tier really energized after our BlizzCon 2023 meetup at the start of November where we managed to convince @Treefee to come back for a tier! Here are our final Mythic pull counts for the tier:
BossPull Count
Council of Dreams6
Total Progress Time34.48 hours
While there were certainly things we could have done better this tier... that's really the case every tier. Part of the fun in progression is seeing it all come together, but also witnessing just how much better we could be. Always something to strive for! Glad to have such a fun group of people to enjoy this game with.

Overall Amirdrassil was a good raid. It was massive in scale (something all raids should be), had a good trash balance, and was thematically awesome. As has been the case, the tuning was a bit of a miss in the first half of the raid. Would really like to see more of a linear difficulty curve, as opposed to 6 bosses that fall over followed by a literal wall. Larodar and to an extent Nymue were let-downs having said that.

Amirdrassil is the 19th raid Nascent has conquered since our reformation for Warlords of Draenor over 10 years ago. At that time the guild was founded on the principles of being able to raid competitively without sacrificing so much of our precious time to do so. Every raid we refine how we approach raiding, whether that is ensuring we have no single points of failure on the team, our preparation is not overly burdensome, or that our out-of-raid play expectations are not excessive.

The guild is looking forward to 2024 as we approach The War Within and we have exciting stuff in the works!

As always: we are seeking awesome players who'd love to raid somewhere they can grow and feel at home.

Until next time!


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