Mythic Jailer

We broke out of jail in 205 pulls for US 24 / World 114. This fight was the first in quite some time that really tested mental discipline. It’s one of those fights that combines unpleasant mechanics (los, holes) with demanding execution requirements. Couple that with an existential time crunch for the Hall of Fame (our soft goal) and you get a boss that really put our team to the test.

We don’t focus too much on rank, but this was our best rank (and performance) as a team ever. This tier was long and grueling, and arguably one of the most difficult in the history of the game. However that is also when we perform the best. It required even more complex WeakAuras and preparation than we’ve had to do in the past. Speaking of rank and preparation: it’s worth talking about how that aligns with the Hall of Fame. While we have certainly felt pressure to raid beyond our hours… we’ve always focused on what we can do better, from all angles, except for adding raid nights. Frankly, just to raid at this level requires an extensive commitment to the game. The first several weeks has us doing character progression, preparation, and raiding itself. That eventually tapers off to preparation, analysis, and raiding, in the latter half of the tier. Cumulatively that’s a lot of hours, even if only 9 of them are spent actually progression raiding. An absolute ton of effort goes into those 9 hours.

The Hall of Fame in its current state is broken and flawed. The crude and lazy attempt to incentivize faction balance (absent fixing the actual root problem: accessibility to friends) has ended up becoming a cheap carrot on a stick that kills more guilds than it meaningfully rewards.

Speaking of guilds dying. We wouldn’t be here without some who’ve inspired us over the years, and one of them specifically deserves recognition: Group Therapy. The once renowned 2-night guild that really exemplified excellence in raiding on a limited schedule. It’s an assumption, but I suspect HoF and the pressure to raid more played a non-trivial role in their demise and that’s truly a shame. You will be missed!

Now onto the good stuff: shoutouts. Every tier is full of ups and downs and I love celebrating this team and everyone on it. The joy of progression raiding with good friends truly is something unique in gaming.

Shoutout to @Treefee for being our 21st man this tier. You're our rock.
Shoutout to @Lucid for taking on the role of our new tank and not skipping a beat.
Shoutout to @Olivia for another tier of excellent healing leadership. It doesn't go unnoticed.
Shoutout to @Deli for the mid-tier main swap to Holy.
Shoutout to @Trell for being there for us this tier during the difficult times. We love you brother.
Shoutout to @Redmezz for picking up Warrior the week before the tier started and running with it.
Shoutout to @Endwyr for coming in at the 11th hour and filling my absence admirably to get us to the finish line.
Shoutout to @Thekk and @Neuretic for sticking it through our Jailer prog, even if you weren't there.
Shoutout to @Noodles for being an absolute pumper and our team cheer leader.
Shoutout to @Bishbi for being a quiet yet consistent and proven force on Mage.
Shoutout to @Tawxik for always vibin and keeping us smiling.
Shoutout to @DustY for dealing with that bullshit 2-week ban in the mid tier and making a comeback on Jailer.
Shoutout to all our raiders not mentioned here. This result is the summation of all our collective efforts, both big and small.
Shoutout to those who continue to cheer us on and provide support and encouragement.

Where to from here? Dragonflight of course. There is a little ol Season 4 in the way first though. Not sure what's going to happen with that... we'll probably dabble a bit.

Kill video coming soon.


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