Who is Nascent?

Nascent aims to be one of the most competitive raiding guilds on a light schedule. All while fostering an inclusive and supportive community of people who love playing games. We achieve this through promoting Teamwork, pursuing Efficiency, and building Community.


Play together, Win Together

Nascent cultivates teamwork that saves time, reduces turnover, and increases player happiness and self-worth. Every raider on our team has a voice. We value individual skill, but our entire raid team is tightly integrated. This allows us to play more for each other, rather than against each other (as individuals). We minimize toxicity that plagues many other guilds by promoting an open and inclusive environment for feedback and criticism.


Play Smarter, Not Longer

Maintaining high performance and competitive ranks on a light schedule requires us to be incredibly efficient with our time. We believe good preparation and constant iteration are key to this goal. Everything from strategy to guild processes are subject to these goals, regardless of how well we are doing. This pursuit of efficiency has allowed us to build and maintain the world class raiding team we have today.


Join our Growing Family

Nascent’s identity is directly tied to the community we have built. We have two unique raiding teams (check our recruiting needs!). We also have an active Discord and our website where we schedule guild-wide events such as Blizzcon, Secret Santa, Game/Movie nights, and other meetups. When you join Nascent, you join much more than an elite raiding team – you will be part of an inclusive community that will continue growing for many years to come.

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    Mar 27, 2017
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