There are tens of thousands of guilds in World of Warcraft, and a majority of them raid in some form. All have different processes, people, and levels of organization. Finding a guild that resonates with you as an individual and as part of a team is tough. Many guilds do not facilitate a healthy relationship between players. Nascent’s Guild Master Dobi has raided for over 14 years and has been involved in everything from top world progression to casual progression. Over time he found an inherent toxicity in progression-oriented guilds that placed individual skill over all else. This doesn’t translate well to a 9-hour guild that is intent on pushing high-end progression.


Nascent cultivates teamwork that ultimately saves time, reduces turnover, and increases player happiness and self-worth. We embrace transparency and accountability to drive efficiency. We believe in raiding smarter not longer. Many guilds struggle with maintaining cohesiveness. Where most guilds operate as several distinct units of players (cliques), we operate as a single unit. We value individual skill, but our entire raid team is tightly integrated, and it allows us to play more for each other, rather than against each other as individuals.


Nascent is driven by performance and teamplay. We have three raiding ranks that are based on your contribution to the guild and overall performance as a progression raider. The better you play and more invest in Nascent, the higher your rank. Ranks have nothing to do with tenure. We promote open feedback to increase transparency between each other and guild processes. Everything is kept on the table so nobody is left uncertain.


Progression spots are based on performance and composition. We run a fairly tight roster of about 24. Being a 3-day guild we do not believe in being punished for legitimate time off and always encourage real-life before a video game. We function well even if our raid leader is absent. We push to be autonomous and flexible in our roles.
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    Mar 27, 2017
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