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Mythic N'zoth
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The squid is dead. 291 pulls for 214 US (638 World) and now it's time to shift gears and continue to grow our skill-sets and refine our roster. I'm very proud of our team.

I could write shout-outs for an hour so apologies if I leave anyone out.
  • @Raeb for supporting and growing the group until work got in the way. We miss you, brother.
  • @Ralphh for working hard outside of raid to orchestrate raid-wide cooldowns.
  • @Dobi for continued guidance, @Olivia & @Ravana for the log analysis and advice, and @Treefee for his unique energy and support.
  • @Morose and @Phont for your leadership this tier.
  • @Abyssal for recruitment and also stepping up and nailing down a hybrid strategy that netted us a 32 percent burn before the Heart Chamber! (8 percent ahead of a reasonable goal)
  • @LewdUwU for his...
Mythic Carapace of N'zoth
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Team 8 is rounding the bend for our CE this tier and it feels great. This kill was a bitter-sweet one as @Raeb, who was been an integral part of building this team and seeing it grow, has earned a promotion at work and won't be able to continue playing with us for now. We killed Mythic Carapace US 221 to the soundtrack of a few "For Raeb!" nerd screams. Team 8 will continue to carry the torch of efficient progression on a light schedule with no overtime.
Mythic Il'gynoth
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Been a somewhat quick ride through Ny'alotha this tier, and I have been way behind on posts. We cruised through 1-9 with a high of US 176 on Drest. We have been cruising pretty well this tier, and we got the ooze man down tonight after 74 pulls. We have seen some strong improvements on the team, and we are on a really good path to the last two bosses.

We are still looking for a Mage and Lock to join our team for the final push. Come join an efficient team on an 8 hour schedule!
Mythic Queen Azshara
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Phew! Azshara was truly a test of everything we had dealt with this tier. We killed her after 430 pulls to finish at US 266, but we got her just in time for the holidays! We had our fair share of internet issues, emergencies, and trying situations, but we persevered and stayed focused. Also, I am proud of everyone on the team for jumping in and out throughout the progression period. It is safe to say that everyone played a major part in honing our strategy and progressing the boss.

In typical end of tier fashion, some shoutouts!

@Dub for his consistent and strong strategy prep and in-raid calls.
@Ralphh for stepping up and nailing down heal CDs throughout the tier.
@Morose for looking for every opportunity to maximize his utility on Azshara and rally the team.
@Abyssalbrew for continuing to drive our tank synergy.
@Dobi, @Treefee, @Plka...


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