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Mythic Jailer
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We did it, Jailer is dead! Once again the team continues to push to improve. We killed baldy after 257 pulls finishing the tier at US126 - another big improvement from the previous tier.

This raid has been a lot of fun, some of the most challenging and interesting fights we have seen. Although the tier was longer than others, we had a great time playing together and seeing improvement with every boss we saw. The instance tested us in new ways (and some old ones), but we continued our trend of improving and we look forward to seeing even more improvement as we head into dragonflight.

Once again we have our end of tier shoutouts:

  • @Shnaxx and @Deva, our two MVP’s this tier, your consistent performances and contributions to the team have helped us so much. Our team would not have been as successful on the final few bosses without the two of you, and we are all thankful that we have you on our team.
  • @Purrtykitty, we...
Mythic Sylvanas
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Sylvanas is down!

This tier was certainly one of growth for Team 8 - welcoming some wonderful new team members, saying goodbye to a number of players, introducing a few leadership swaps, and battling the summer/fall travel schedule! We are incredibly proud that we performed through all of this as we still managed to improve our rankings up to US 153 (downing Sylvanas in 151 pulls).

Like many guilds, we felt that the difficulty curve was a bit off throughout the overall tier, but thoroughly enjoyed our time progressing - particularly with fights like Painsmith and Sylvanas.

We could call out almost every single player on the team for stepping up throughout the tier, but we want to give a few specific shoutouts:

- @Purrtykitty for all the time and effort put into strategy and healer cooldowns, we know how many hours you have put in and it is greatly appreciated.

- @Sharkaphor for all the great raid leading this tier, your callouts are always...
Mythic Fatescribe and Kel’Thuzad
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Team 8 continued our strong progression this past week and got 2 more kills!
We got Fatescribe down in 28 pulls!
We got Kel’Thuzad down in 32 pulls!

A few shoutouts for these bosses:
- @Phont for being our 21st man on fatescribe, your call outs were great and your help with the strategy is very appreciated!
- @Goldshireho for helping nail down a non typical strategy with 3 tanks and 3 healers and helping sort out CD usage in the phylactery!
- @Purrtykitty for always putting in extra effort with strategy and organizing all the healer buttons!

We’re excited to get to the banshee queen, the final boss of the tier!
Mythic Painsmith and Guardian
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Team 8 had a really strong week this week getting two progression kills, Painsmith in 75 pulls and Guardian 11!

A few shout outs for theses bosses:
- @Sharkaphor for being 21st man on painsmith, his callouts are always strong and it is a great asset to have someone watching from the outside on a boss like this.
- @Sushi for filling in as tank for a week and our progression on painsmith, it was a great help to help us get the kill.
- @Purrtykitty for all the effort you have been putting into strategy this tier, including both of these bosses, it is very appreciated, you make all our lives easier!
- @Phont @Holoylan for coming in and helping us get the kill on the night after missing most of the prog!

We jumped up 50 ranks after these kills and are excited to start our progression on fatescribe! Looking forward to continuing our progression this tier as we get to the final 3 bosses!


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