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Mythic Queen Azshara
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Phew! Azshara was truly a test of everything we had dealt with this tier. We killed her after 430 pulls to finish at US 266, but we got her just in time for the holidays! We had our fair share of internet issues, emergencies, and trying situations, but we persevered and stayed focused. Also, I am proud of everyone on the team for jumping in and out throughout the progression period. It is safe to say that everyone played a major part in honing our strategy and progressing the boss.

In typical end of tier fashion, some shoutouts!

@Dub for his consistent and strong strategy prep and in-raid calls.
@Ralphh for stepping up and nailing down heal CDs throughout the tier.
@Morose for looking for every opportunity to maximize his utility on Azshara and rally the team.
@Abyssalbrew for continuing to drive our tank synergy.
@Dobi, @Treefee, @Plka...
Mythic Za'qul
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We are entering the home stretch! Za'qul definitely was a fun test, but it was frustrating at the same time. We had a super clean pull at the end of the night, and we killed it with plenty of time left. It took us a hair under 150 pulls, but we had a lot of people step up again on this boss. We are all extremely excited to start the deep progression that is Azshara.

We are still actively looking for Ranged DPS! Please keep an eye on our recruiting needs and come join an efficient team on a 2 night schedule!
Mythic Queens Court
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We continue to make solid progress in the tier. We have seen raiders be extremely flexible by playing different classes, roles, and specs. We were probably a night behind on the court, but we came together and knocked them down.

We are still actively looking for Ranged DPS of any type. Keep an eye on our recruiting needs and come join an efficient team on a two night schedule.
Mythic Orgozoa
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We've had some tribulations for sure over the last couple weeks with internet issues, illnesses, and crazy circumstances. However, we banded together after a slow start tonight to down the Squid US224. We are consistently improving our ranking this tier, and we do not anticipate slowing down.

We are still looking for talented Ranged DPS. If you are looking for an efficient team on a two night schedule, apply today!
Mythic Jaina
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It has been quite a ride this tier for Team 8. I am extremely proud of the team, both new members and old. This boss was certainly a frustrating one as the pace of the encounter constantly changes from pull to pull based on spell queuing, but we were able to finish her off after 367 pulls. We had several low pulls on Tuesday without a kill, but the team came back re-energized tonight to finish her off.

This tier showed how our team will persevere and overcome challenging circumstances. From playing alternate classes, off-specs, or class swapping entirely, we couldn't have done it without that commitment and determination.

I would also like to toss out a few shoutouts!

Shoutout to @Aliella and @Emorell for accepting the call and joining me as Chieftain this tier. Their hard work behind the scenes has been crucial in allowing us to succeed.
Shoutout to @Dub for coming in late in the tier and driving us to succeed...
Mythic Stormwall
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Stormwall took us just over 3 full nights. We really honed in as a team with several new members to break the blockade to take us to 8/9M! We are off to Jaina, and we are up for the challenge.

If you are a progression minded raider looking for an efficient team on a two night schedule, come check us out! We are still looking for a few strong DPS to help us finish out the tier.


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