Mythic Sylvanas

Sylvanas is down!

This tier was certainly one of growth for Team 8 - welcoming some wonderful new team members, saying goodbye to a number of players, introducing a few leadership swaps, and battling the summer/fall travel schedule! We are incredibly proud that we performed through all of this as we still managed to improve our rankings up to US 153 (downing Sylvanas in 151 pulls).

Like many guilds, we felt that the difficulty curve was a bit off throughout the overall tier, but thoroughly enjoyed our time progressing - particularly with fights like Painsmith and Sylvanas.

We could call out almost every single player on the team for stepping up throughout the tier, but we want to give a few specific shoutouts:

- @Purrtykitty for all the time and effort put into strategy and healer cooldowns, we know how many hours you have put in and it is greatly appreciated.

- @Sharkaphor for all the great raid leading this tier, your callouts are always clear and helpful making everyone else's job easier.

- @Goldshireho for all of your help with strategy, specifically on KT. The change in strat made the fight easier for us and it was great to have you help put it together. Also thank you for playing your alt for us this tier, it made progression on Soulrender much easier.

- @Phont for all the help with strategy, specifically on Sylvanas and the 21st man on fatescribe, it has been great to have you back on the team.

- @Deva for all the effort and prep work with your other tanks, you worked with 3 different tanks this tier and it has felt like a strong part of the roster and you have always got things organized no matter who you were working with. Thank you for always being flexible with which tank you play, having a bdk ready to go for soulrender really helped make the boss easier.

- @Sushi for stepping into the tank role not once, but twice. Firstly during Painsmith and then for all of Sylvanas progression (and now continuing into the next tier as a TANK MAIN!!)

- @Yoofus and @Port for your consistent strong play throughout progression.

Now is the farm period, time to get some gear and have fun killing bosses every week!

Pull counts:
Tarragrue - 1
Eye of the Jailer - 32
The Nine - 7
Remnant - 35
Soulrender - 14
Painsmith - 75
Guardian - 11
Fatescribe - 28
Kel'Thuzad - 32
Sylvanas - 151

Our recruitment is open and we are always looking for new additions to the team!


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