Mythic Painsmith and Guardian

Team 8 had a really strong week this week getting two progression kills, Painsmith in 75 pulls and Guardian 11!

A few shout outs for theses bosses:
- @Sharkaphor for being 21st man on painsmith, his callouts are always strong and it is a great asset to have someone watching from the outside on a boss like this.
- @Sushi for filling in as tank for a week and our progression on painsmith, it was a great help to help us get the kill.
- @Purrtykitty for all the effort you have been putting into strategy this tier, including both of these bosses, it is very appreciated, you make all our lives easier!
- @Phont @Holoylan for coming in and helping us get the kill on the night after missing most of the prog!

We jumped up 50 ranks after these kills and are excited to start our progression on fatescribe! Looking forward to continuing our progression this tier as we get to the final 3 bosses!


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