Mythic Uu'nat

Uu'nat is finally dead! It took 283 pulls for US31! Even with the adjustments after the world first race... this boss absolutely delivers on the difficulty. Crucible of Storms was an awesome raid instance. The last 7 weeks of raiding have been pretty enjoyable. The state of BfA is pretty lackluster right now, but raiding has remained fun, and the tuning felt great for this short two boss raid. I'm not sure why any guild would choose not to raid CoS, unless you were fighting the roster boss instead.

Our team has improved immensely since Jaina, and we've been having a blast. I'm very proud of our entire team and how everyone came together for this raid.

I won't do any lengthy shoutouts, but just to give a couple:

Shoutout to @Fakehoof for unfortunately dealing with Blizzard's inability to tune DK properly.
Shoutout to many of our strategists @Lucid @Rocktherock @Redmezz @Treefee (and others) who relentlessly optimized and helped us prepare for raid.
Shoutout to all our raiders who collectively contributed to our success!

This happens to be our best ranking in the history of the guild, with a Hall of Fame kill on Uu'nat. I am excited for what the future holds for our team and can't wait to get after Azshara in the weeks to come!

We are recruiting a ranged DPS, and potentially a tank!