Mythic Sylvanas

What a whirlwind of a tier. It was such a race we just didn't write up any posts for any of the bosses. What do you convey when the fights are so short-lived? At any rate... the tier is officially over! We defeated Sylvanas after 93 pulls. Overall I think we did pretty well. We could have shortened several prog fights with cleaner play for sure though. Despite not meeting Hall of Fame (for week 5, which is unheard of) we learned a lot. There is no improvement without some struggle.

Generally very disappointed in Blizzard's inability to tune Mythic properly these days. We wish they would stop introducing crazy power gains every tier that they don't account for in raid tuning. We historically make up most of our time deficit versus the competition in long-pull boss encounters, which there was maybe two of this tier.

The state of the game isn't great, but despite everything we had a blast this tier. We just wish it would have put up more of a challenge!

Time for some shoutouts.

Shoutout to @Treefee for all the strategy prep and 21st man raid leadership.
Shoutout to @Aimer for the last minute swap to main healer since @Suhh had to miss the tier.
Shoutout to @Synybun for being a trailblazer on Arcane despite community perception.
Shoutout to the melee @Tawxik @Trell @Armand @Lucid @Kel @Plka for the incredible consistency this tier.
Shoutout to @Lanfear for the mid-tier swap to Blood. Clutch grips brother.
Shoutout to the healers @Olivia @Kame @Aimer @Lucid who did crazy prep to keep things going smooth.
Shoutout to our distinguished players @DustY @Aimer for the incredible consistency and objectivity this tier.
Shoutout to @Bishbi @Neuretic @Throgath for hanging in there on Sylvanas.
Shoutout to all our raiders for the valiant performance this tier. Especially those who helped with shot calls on various fights.
Shoutout to @Noodles who ironically knows very little about noodles.
Shoutout to @Ravana who retired this tier. Thanks for all the great memories.
Shoutout to @Megarises who retired this tier. Thanks for all the turkey calls.
Shoutout to Steve for making our awesome videos tier after tier.

Eye of the Jailer3
The Nine2

Total progression time: 26.78 hours.

We don't know when 9.2 is going to drop (probably no earlier than the holidays), but we'll be back for redemption next tier, and hopefully Blizzard can deliver on a well-tuned raid. If you've been following us and are looking for an opportunity to join: you should apply before positions fill up. They don't come very often. We'll be dropping the Sylvanas kill video within a week, so head over to our Youtube channel and hit that subscribe button.


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