Mythic Sire Denathrius

What a tier! Sire Denathirus is dead in 80 pulls for US 39 (Hall of Fame). Really proud of the team for us having such incredibly low pull counts compared to so many other guilds. Overall Sire was a pretty cool fight, but it was frankly a little too easy. We really dialed in tonight to finish it off (from narrowly missing a kill 5 days ago). This is our 3rd Hall of Fame to date (and we only missed EP HoF by a single pull). I think we can safely say we're a Hall of Fame guild at this point. Hats off to everyone who has cheered us on and supported us. That energy means the world to us.

Shriekwing 4
Huntsman 13
Hungering Destroyer 27
Sun King 27
Inerva 38
Artificer 13
Council of Blood 30
Sludgefist 73
Stone Legion Generals 139
Sire Denathrius 80

Shadowlands has been a breath of fresh air thus far. The lack of an infinite grind has been a welcome change to the game. Castle Nathria overall was great for a first tier. The gearing in raids is definitely an issue at the moment though. Hopefully Blizzard adds some valor points or something so we can get a small ability to target farm gear over the course of a tier. PvP being the most efficient way to gear was unfortunate, but we adapted to it. Thus why we had such an early extend on our first Sludgefist kill. Looking forward to what the rest of this expansion brings!

For some shoutouts:

@Treefee for all your effort keeping us informed and with a plan every single raid night.
@Kame @Suhh @Olivia for all the effort in preparing healing CDs and damage intake analysis.
@Norm for the trial by fire on Disc, but also the excellent out-of-raid analysis that helped us iterate faster.
@Lanfear for another solid tier as my tank-buddy. The mid-tier swap off BDK to Veng was clutch.
My officers @Plka @Treefee @Olivia for all the ups and down this tier. More than we can count frankly.
To everyone on the team who gave it all we had this tier. The vibes were good every single boss. It was an absolute pleasure.

Raiding for me is about the enjoyment of every single fight we work on. Not simply the last one in the instance. As a team we really demonstrated how fun raiding can be this tier. That fun translates to better play. There are a bunch of small things we could have done better on, but we're owning and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us.

Our video will be out within a week. We're putting some extra polish on it :)


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