Mythic N'Zoth

This one is for you, Ron. 150 pulls for US 26 (World 125) with Hall of Fame. I honestly wasn’t sure if we would make it. We killed it in our 3rd good P3 pull. We optimized this fight more than any other fight in the history of this team. All our timings were on point, the burns were ahead at every phase, and our positioning was improving every night. We entered the gate room at an insane 35.5% on N’Zoth, meaning if we played clean we would assuredly get it, and on our last pull of the night we did just that.

Despite all the pressure we never added any extra days or time, and killed it inside our 9 hour per week schedule. I am so impressed with this team. Truly exemplifying that high-end raiding doesn’t have to mean high hours. What an amazing end to this expansion.

There are so many shoutouts I want to give. So many people cheered us on and gave us support.

@Kel for swapping to Sin on our literal last night to increase boss damage, after having done the entire fight as Outlaw.
@Lanfear for his excellent tanking both on N’Zoth and throughout this whole tier.
@Treefee for being our 21st man raid leader on N’Zoth because of comp restrictions.
@Ravana one of our distinguished player of the tier picks, for his incredible play and vital contributions to strategy.
@DustY our other distinguished player of the tier, for his amazing performance and relentless pursuit to improve our strategy.
@Synybun @Neuretic @Bishbi all of our mages for absolutely melting everything this tier.
Our healers @Olivia @Lucid @Suhh @Reignite for bouncing back for our last night of progression and getting us over the finish line.
@Contorted @Hillpaw @Fakehoof @Raquel for hanging in there and cheering us on from the sidelines.
To all our other raiders not mentioned here: your efforts speak for themselves with this achievement.
My officers @Treefee @Olivia @Plka for putting in the work to keep us insanely organized and prepared week after week.
To @Lucid @Lanfear @Plka and everyone else who helped acquire Corruption pieces for our final push to finish the tier.
To all our friends in our community (including all past raiders) for giving us your energy and words of encouragement.
To our rivals and frenemies for fueling us to do better.
To <Infinity> for being our role model for what is possible (a goal we’ve been chasing for nearly 4 years).
To @Ronneth who we tragically lost early this year. We miss you. I'm glad we could do this in your memory.

The level of camaraderie, cohesiveness, and sheer talent on our team has made these past several tiers some of the most memorable and enjoyable raiding experiences of my life. That is all despite the sad state of the game that is Battle for Azeroth.

We have no intention of stopping, and we’ll be playing through this farm period and soon to be Alpha for Shadowlands. Our only goal is to keep improving and to keep having fun.

Here are our pull counts for this tier:

Wrathion 8
Skitra 2
Maut 8
Xanesh 45
Vexiona 12
Hivemind 16
Ra-den 35
Shad’har 12
Drest’agath 27
Il’gynoth 24
Carapace 31
N’Zoth 150

If you’re looking to accomplish more in less time, and while doing so among a great group of players: then you should consider applying. Expect our N’Zoth kill video within the next week.

See you in Shadowlands.


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