Mythic Ner'zhul/Soulrender Dormazain

Team 8 is moving along steadily! We made quick work of farm to give us a full night of progression - spending 35 pulls to down Remnant of Ner’Zhul! Big Shoutout to @Abyssal and @Goldshireho for handling all the mass dispels on the fight and the team for coming together to refine the finer points of strategy.

We were able to keep up that momentum right into the following week - An incredibly quick reclear (10/10 H and 4/10 M) on Tuesday left all of Thursday to jump into progress. Soulrender Dormazain fell in 12 pulls! Awesome preparation across the team led to the quick kill. Another big shoutout to @Deva & @Goldshireho for completely rerolling toons (Blood DK and WW Monk) to make this boss significantly easier! Also a big shout out to @Abyssal for being our 21st man and doing call-outs for us!

Onto Painsmith and the first true hard boss this tier! We couldn’t be more excited to continue progressing through Sanctum.


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