Mythic Mother

What a fun way to start this tier. What was interesting to us about Mother was we had options for how we could have approached the fight. One way is that we could have done the strat where you trivialize the add spawn by moving all at once and sandbagging in the second room while all your healing cooldowns come available again, and the other dominate strategy being that you can trickle through both rooms. Ultimately, though, we went with a strat that had the entire team cross the first barrier blowing all major healing cds, while then quickly moving teams across to room three akin to the trickle strat. The hybrid turned out to be a lot of fun to execute once we got the hang of it, and when it was over we turned in a performance I think we can all be proud of with the second fastest execution at the time we did it.

Successive clears by this method have been consistent and really great for the team.


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