Mythic Maiden of Vigilance

This one took 168 attempts, with many being 1 minute wipes. You either wipe fast or do well it seems. This is potentially the worst designed boss I have ever progressed on. In no way was this kill gratifying other than getting 7/9M for US 109. Nice job team and hopefully Avatar can give us some real kill satisfaction. On that note I am excited and skeptical about Avatar progression. I have a feeling Blizzard is going to do their typical "nerf mythic content for no reason" and the impending 7.3 patch doesn't help comfort us either.

Nevertheless we'll push forward, and hopefully before too long there will be another post here (wish us luck)!

We are looking for a solid tank as well as shadow priest and arms warrior
. Come join us and finish this tier strong with an incredible group of gamers who love pushing the hardest content this game has to offer and with only 9-hours a week. Remember to follow us on Twitter and subscribe on Youtube!

Also, our Savage raid team is 5/9M and with only a 6-hour raid schedule! The are looking for some strong ranged DPS and another healer.


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