Mythic Kil'jaeden

We finished the tier! Arguably the most grueling tier in recent years (and perhaps ever). He took 343 pulls to finally down. Hell the last 4 bosses of ToS totaled 977 wipes. That is over 2x our total wipe count for all of Nighthold. Despite that we managed to finish over 30 rankings ahead of T19 at US 77!

We ended up 4-tanking KJ because we had beaten the DPS checks using a thrash druid. It is by complete accident we discovered we could 4-tank while meeting all the DPS requirements, which then allowed us to cheese every hail soak with our 2 extra tanks, and having a blood DK to cheese the Illidan intermission. An end of the raid pull with one of our boomkins as guardian net us the strategy.

I see many guilds that raid many more hours than us in the 400-600 wipe range. I think we did very well for ourselves given we only raid 9-hours per week. We extended for 6 weeks after our 2nd Maiden kill. We recognized early that with our historically high DPS and raid ilvl of 938 we did not need anymore gear to complete the instance, so we went all in. We saw many other guilds decide to continue farming, which in the end worked against them. Now we have about a month to farm up and get ourselves over 940 for Antorus, which is looking to be a great instance.

Our raid team deserves a huge pat on the back. We had our fair share of churn during the last several months and those of us who made it through all 977 wipes are true raiders that never gave up and kept supporting each other. A strong progression raiding guild is measured by the ability of their members to weather difficult times, and on the whole I am very proud of every person on our roster. We have done so amazingly well and have such an awesome atmosphere (as anybody who watches our streams can agree with). We have something really unique among top guilds. We continue to build a legacy that will be remembered for years to come.

Shoutout to @Merodas who sadly has decided to retire (for now). She has been with us for over 2.5 years (not including the original Nascent) and has been instrumental to our growth and success. We will miss you.

Shoutout to everyone on our war council @Gnomes @Orderken @Juxi @Elril for really helping guide our raid strategy to heights we've never seen. Your efforts speak for themselves with our ranking this tier.

Shoutout to @Treefee and @Scrogg for helping me keep the guild running smooth.

Shoutout to @Lissidia for being instrumental in the successful growth of our amazing Savage raid team (about to be 8/9M on 6 hours per week).

Shoutout to @Nicecrits for all her dedication to the guild whilst building her new house. We can't wait to see it!

Shoutout to everyone who had to sit on the sidelines at any point this tier. We literally could not have finished without you.

Most importantly shout out to every raider in Nascent and all your contributions and efforts in pushing us forward and for helping each other become better players. I can't wait to celebrate with many of you at Blizzcon 2017.

Lastly, we are recruiting a tank, holy paladin, and an exceptional ranged DPS. Spots on our raid team are rare and difficult to earn, but when you raid with us you are getting far more than just a guild to raid with. Spend your time wisely and with people you can count on to have your back.

Our legacy continues in Antorus... see you all there.


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