Mythic Jaina

It has been quite a ride this tier for Team 8. I am extremely proud of the team, both new members and old. This boss was certainly a frustrating one as the pace of the encounter constantly changes from pull to pull based on spell queuing, but we were able to finish her off after 367 pulls. We had several low pulls on Tuesday without a kill, but the team came back re-energized tonight to finish her off.

This tier showed how our team will persevere and overcome challenging circumstances. From playing alternate classes, off-specs, or class swapping entirely, we couldn't have done it without that commitment and determination.

I would also like to toss out a few shoutouts!

Shoutout to @Aliella and @Emorell for accepting the call and joining me as Chieftain this tier. Their hard work behind the scenes has been crucial in allowing us to succeed.
Shoutout to @Dub for coming in late in the tier and driving us to succeed with your detailed calls, strong analysis, and leadership.
Shoutout to @Timm47 for making the class swap mid-tier and playing the crucial solo shaman role on Jaina.
Shoutout to @Abyssalbrew and @Rag for driving recruiting efforts mid-tier for critical roles.
Shoutout to @Vel and @Lewd for playing their alt druids to help us push through the middle of the tier.
Shoutout to @Huncho for strong analysis and exceptional play this tier.
Shoutout to Chieftains of new and old. You have been instrumental in shaping our team to where we are now.
Shoutout to the members of Team 8 past and present. Your engagement and effort has enabled us to continue to be a formidable and efficient two day raid team.
Shoutout to the members of Team 9 who have been willing to lend a hand throughout the tier.
Shoutout to @Dobi for constantly being there for the leadership team to offer advice and guidance.

As we continue our journey into Crucible and beyond into 8.2, we are still looking to bolster our ranks. We are currently looking for talented DPS of all roles. If you are looking for an progressive team raiding on an efficient two night schedule, come check us out.




Jun 3, 2017
Proud of you guys, keep it going
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May 30, 2018
I'm really proud of us, team. We stuck together, rebuilt our roster, powered through the last 3 bosses, and ended the tier very well. Our kill pull was pretty clean! Every single one of us deserved this kill, and I'm happy that we finally secured it.