Mythic G'huun

We got it done, Team 6 (now Team 8 by the way), has cleared Mythic Uldir. It took us about 260 pulls but man does it feel good. This fight did not go without its challenges. We had many lane variations due to roster being against us every step of the way, but our team prevailed. We were diligent and we kept our eyes on the prize. The raid night of our kill only took 7 pulls. We had 2 0% wipes and the rest were all deep P3 pulls with the kill coming shortly after. I'm very proud of this team and what it's done. Many of our players stepped up and it showed in the effort they put into pushing themselves and the raid further than before.

Briefly mentioning the change to Team 8, our team will be adapting an 8-hour schedule from here on out. We plan to raid the same days (Tuesdays and Thursdays) from 8:00 - 12:00 CST. We're excited for more time and more progression with the hours at hand. Right now we're looking for tanks, DPS, and flex healers!

For some end of the Tier shoutouts:

  • Shoutout to @Trill for being a great raid lead throughout Uldir and pushing the team to always work harder, but have a good time.
  • Shoutout to @raeb , our newest Chieftain for all the extra leg work he does in recruitment, as well as managing the team. That extra int buff he brought on his mage was also very appreciated.
  • Shoutout to @Ravana , the world's greatest strategy wiz.
  • Shoutout to @Vel for coming in for all of our pulls. Despite breaking her ankle she still made it out to make sure we got this boss down.
  • Shoutout to @Narak our number 1 pumper on this boss. Your play and understanding of your class could not have been shown more here.
  • Shoutout to @Linglol for being a huge team player. Prioritizing your damage in the most efficient way possible while helping out healers during trouble points. On top of all of that your vocal-ness has been huge for our success.
  • Shoutout to @Aliella for her involvement in recruitment and organization. You put a lot of your time to make sure healers were organized and the team was stable. You always are ready for more responsibility and that is hugely appreciated.
  • Shoutout to @Ratanna for staying sharp at all times. You always want to get down to the details of each pull forcing us to recognize mistakes and improve from them.
  • Shoutout to @Demonixz and @Luciian for main swaps during Zul progression.
  • Shoutout to @Morose for pushing locks to play and think smarter.
  • Shoutout to our chieftains of old for helping to lay out the foundation for us to consistently improve (We miss you guys).
  • Shoutout to @Dobi , you've been a huge aid to our team since it's inception. This tier you were a huge source of advice, and guided us out of ruts that could have crippled us. You input your own time and resources to make sure we succeed and I'm very thankful for that.
  • Shoutout to all the players of our team throughout this tier. We lost some of you, but your efforts are what pushed us forward.


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