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He took 258 pulls. The kill was pretty legit. We phased at 24% and killed him right after second rupturing reality in phase 2. This boss wasn't too bad, but really annoying with how seemingly random everything was. We pulled together and landed ourselves a US 96 kill.

Shoutout to all our raiders that are still with us. We've lost a bunch of people due to burnout or from just plain giving up. Those of us still here are gritting our teeth to get this place done and we've got each other's backs. That's the true test of this instance. One more boss to go.. then we can move on from this nightmare.

We are recruiting a Shadow Priest or Warlock, an Arms Warrior, and a Holy Paladin. Come for KJ... stay for Antorus. Come join a world class guild that only raids 9 hours a week.


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