Mythic Denathrius

Team 8 has now rounded out a great first tier in the Shadowlands. We managed to improve yet again and plan on continuing that trend! Besides the small blemish the SLG fight itself puts on the instance, we rather enjoyed Castle Nathria progression.

We broke into and finished the tier in the top 200 US bracket. We really gained some steam on Council of Blood and Sludgefist progression, keeping those bosses under 50 and 100 wipes respectively. I'm really proud of our team for continuing on a path to improvement as this is a catalyst for making progression rewarding.

Time for the shoutouts:
@Purrtykitty and @Ralphh for spear-heading planning our cooldowns. Preparation is everything when it comes to not only healing cd's, but how we handle raid wide utility. Purrty put some serious time into combing through SLG and Denathrius logs.

@Abyssal for being a tireless assistant to the group. He does a little of everything: recruitment, roster, log analysis, and more. He was an awesome 21st man on Sludgefist as well!

@Phont was a force to reckon with on progression. He helped a ton with strategy and played all three rogue specs with fierce precision. Hands down one of the best tiers I've ever seen from a dps player in my time on the game.

@Sharkaphor, who is a returning Nascent heavyweight, came into the tier with great energy and sound strategic analysis. He also took on doing ranged perspective call-outs on many bosses. Shark played the 21st man on Council of Blood progression. (Plus he makes really cool 'its' raid day!' hype posts in discord!)

@Dobi, @Olivia, @Lanfear and @Treefee for taking time out of your day to give great advice and encourage us.

Everyone else that was here this tier. If you pulled one boss on progression with us you were part of our success.

Just for fun, here's how much our rankings have changed over the tiers that I've had the privilege of playing here:
Battle of Dazar'alor - US 291
Eternal Palace - US 271
Ny'alotha - US 230
Castle Nathria - US 172

<Nascent> has a deep pool of previous talent and I believe the fact that we see so many returning players says volumes about the quality of the guild. Also, we're recruiting!


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