Mythic Argus

The expansion is over. 362 pulls for him. We took a risk with the extension, and in retrospect... may have been a little too aggressive. It made the allowance for mistakes in P4 almost nil. We had 1% pulls several nights in a row as a result. We beat the nerf though, finally! In the end we landed US 69 despite not being the most efficient with the use of our time. However, we learned alot in the process!

Personally I feel this fight was well designed. It stands in stark contrast to KJ who had a somewhat opposite progression curve (the last phase was not nearly as demanding to execute). Our team did an excellent job holding it together, even when frustrations were abound with the near-kills several nights in a row. It pushed many of us to the limit, and is absolutely one for the books.

For a strict 9-hour schedule we pulled off a hell of a feat this expansion. Landing consecutively better placements tier after tier. Our only goal has been to simply do better. When I made Nascent over 3 years ago I didn't know we'd be where we are today: a community of hundreds of people with two successful Mythic raid teams (Our Savage team raids just 6 hours and is working on M Aggramar!). I certainly don't take all the credit for what we have. Many people have helped get us here.

Shout out to @Austin, the recipient of our first M Argus mount. One of the most consistently high-performing and positive players on our team.
Shout out to @Fanoomy for having tanked every end-of-tier boss for us since he has joined (and even after having transitioned to DPS).
Shout out to @Scrogg for basically being co-GM for these past several months and helping me keep things running smooth.
Shout out to @Juxi for continuing to be a critical pillar of our strategy and analysis. May the hot tub bless you once more this next Blizzcon.
Shout out to @Sharkaphor for not being afraid to take a beating and his continued improvement as a tank these past several months.
Shout out to @Synybun for being one of the most passionate DPS I have had on my team. Your ingenuity continues to amaze me.
Shout out to @Bayes for stepping up and becoming one of our most consistently high-performing ranged DPS.
Shout out to @Orderken for putting in an absurd amount of time and effort towards our strategy and custom WA suite (we have all our own weakauras for every fight in Antorus!).
Shout out to anyone who had to watch from the sidelines this tier.
Shout out to all our raiders, past and present, for helping us get here today.
Shout out to all our fans and friends, for the on-going support and words of encouragement.

A very special shout out to @Gnomes for being a pillar of our healing core for over 2 years, and for his endlessly positive outlook and voice of reason, even in the toughest of times.

We'll be working on our kill video for Argus, which I hope will be our dankest kill video yet. There are a lot of cool things coming for Nascent leading up to BfA, including a new website! We look forward to the next chapter and invite anyone who is passionate about this game to come and apply to play with our amazing team.


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