Heroic Uldir Cleared

We didn't have to add a 4th raid night either. It's disappointing to see guilds add raid nights, but it is Heroic after all... so who really cares. G'huun took 7 pulls tonight. We had 11 pulls back on Wednesday after the World 1st hotfix. It felt doable (with a bit of work), but then again we hadn't seen Phase 3 yet (which was most of the nerf). At any rate... Uldir has been a blast so far. The fights are deceptively simple, yet feel good to execute. We're hoping Mythic tuning feels as good as Heroic has been and we have some good progression ahead of us. All in all... we cleared Heroic in under 7 hours this week, including some shenanigans on Zul.

We are recruiting melee and a mage! Come join our chill team and clear some content on a light schedule.