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    Mythic Jaina

    It has been quite a ride this tier for Team 8. I am extremely proud of the team, both new members and old. This boss was certainly a frustrating one as the pace of the encounter constantly changes from pull to pull based on spell queuing, but we were able to finish her off after 367 pulls. We...
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    Mythic Stormwall

    Stormwall took us just over 3 full nights. We really honed in as a team with several new members to break the blockade to take us to 8/9M! We are off to Jaina, and we are up for the challenge. If you are a progression minded raider looking for an efficient team on a two night schedule, come...
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    Mythic Mekkatorque

    Phew. This guy definitely was a beast. We spent a good bit more time on him than we originally anticipated, but we persevered and got him down tonight. We are all excited to move on to Stormwall. We got some good prog in the last half of raid tonight, and we are looking forward to making...
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    Mythic Rastakhan

    This guy took us 39 pulls. I am very proud of our team as we have been using multiple alts as needed to maximize our comp, and we have still made strong progress. Once we figured out our p3 strategy, we put him down quickly. On to Mekkatorque! We are still recruiting! Keep an eye on our...
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    Mythic Conclave

    This one was a challenging one for us due to us having a limited number of decurses available. We had to deal with a good bit of adversity this week as a team, but we came together to get these guys and start progressing on Rastakhan. We are still looking for talented players to join our team!
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    Mythic Opulence

    We were a little slower on Opulence than we thought we would be, but we got him in 40 pulls. Finished the week with a 4/9M + 9/9H clear. We're back at it next week coming for Conclave. We are hitting our stride as a team, and we are making great progress. We are still looking for talented...
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    Mythic Jadefire Masters

    Jadefire lasted a little longer than we expected last week, but we got them down in 2 pulls this week. We went 3/9M and 9/9H on our first raid day this week. We are headed to Opulence! Team 8 is still recruiting! Come join one of the premier 2 day raid teams out there.