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    Mythic Stormwall Blockade

    @Redmezz LOL
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    Mythic G'huun

    Someone’s cutting onions in here <3 <3 <3
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    Mythic Imonar the Soulhunter

    We remembered the screenshot! 25 attempts to end week 2 at 6/11M. Had a 1.8 million hp wipe on attempt #19. Very solid progression throughout, using many different strategies. Bridge phases were the key to success and we ended up 6 healing for consistency. Awesome first 2 weeks of mythic! Now...
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    Mythic Defense of Eonar

    7 total pulls to successfully defend Eonar. 6 of them were last week while we were figuring out the encounter. This week, we walked in and one-shot it. Excellent efficiency to put us ahead of schedule on our Imonar progression! A much better fight on mythic, but still underwhelming. On to some...
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    Mythic Portal Keeper Hasabel

    Another one! A solid team effort to finish week one at 4/11M, taking a total of 12 pulls. We put our heads together and did a great deal of planning and coordination to make this a smooth kill. Optimizing DPS for portal groups and interrupting adds were key. Nice work team! On to Eonar . . .
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    Mythic Garothi Worldbreaker + Antoran High Command + Felhounds of Sargeras

    Back at it again! Antorus has been a breath of fresh air after months of farming ToS. While our fearless leader is enjoying the beach, we were able to get 3 Mythic bosses down and most of our Heroic clear done in the first 6 hours this week. 3 attempts for Garothi, 14 for Antoran High Command...
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    Trip to see the foozball

    Insane game
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    Epic Music Thread

    Whenever I get the emo punk-rock itch, this one comes in handy:
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    The Booze Cruise

    Vodka/tonic or gin/tonic. Kettle One, Grey Goose.
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    Guild Bracket Challenge

    your first day was insane. WTF PURDUE