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Mythic Defense of Eonar
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7 total pulls to successfully defend Eonar. 6 of them were last week while we were figuring out the encounter. This week, we walked in and one-shot it. Excellent efficiency to put us ahead of schedule on our Imonar progression! A much better fight on mythic, but still underwhelming. On to some hard bosses soon!

P.S. Totally legit screenshot, definitely didn't forget.
Mythic Portal Keeper Hasabel
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Another one! A solid team effort to finish week one at 4/11M, taking a total of 12 pulls. We put our heads together and did a great deal of planning and coordination to make this a smooth kill. Optimizing DPS for portal groups and interrupting adds were key. Nice work team! On to Eonar . . .
Mythic Garothi Worldbreaker + Antoran High Command + Felhounds of Sargeras
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Back at it again! Antorus has been a breath of fresh air after months of farming ToS. While our fearless leader is enjoying the beach, we were able to get 3 Mythic bosses down and most of our Heroic clear done in the first 6 hours this week. 3 attempts for Garothi, 14 for Antoran High Command and 10 for Felhounds.

While trying to move quickly, we forgot screenshots for our Garothi and AHC kills, but here are the dead Hounds! Our roster strength seems to be at an all time high, expect some big things from us this tier. Great work team!
Heroic Antorus Cleared
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We're all done in not even 4 hours. I dare say the tuning is a bit underwhelming... except for Coven... they were tuned well. Excellent work team! All our preparation has definitely paid off. Looking forward to seeing how we do in Mythic next week!

We are selling AOTC. Come get your beautiful http://www.wowhead.com/spell=253639/violet-spellwing mount!
Mythic Kil'jaeden
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We finished the tier! Arguably the most grueling tier in recent years (and perhaps ever). He took 343 pulls to finally down. Hell the last 4 bosses of ToS totaled 977 wipes. That is over 2x our total wipe count for all of Nighthold. Despite that we managed to finish over 30 rankings ahead of T19 at US 77!

We ended up 4-tanking KJ because we had beaten the DPS checks using a thrash druid. It is by complete accident we discovered we could 4-tank while meeting all the DPS requirements, which then allowed us to cheese every hail soak with our 2 extra tanks, and having a blood DK to cheese the Illidan intermission. An end of the raid pull with one of our boomkins as guardian net us the strategy.

I see many guilds that raid many more hours than us in the 400-600 wipe range. I think we did very well for ourselves given we only raid 9-hours per week. We extended for 6 weeks...
Mythic Fallen Avatar
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He took 258 pulls. The kill was pretty legit. We phased at 24% and killed him right after second rupturing reality in phase 2. This boss wasn't too bad, but really annoying with how seemingly random everything was. We pulled together and landed ourselves a US 96 kill.

Shoutout to all our raiders that are still with us. We've lost a bunch of people due to burnout or from just plain giving up. Those of us still here are gritting our teeth to get this place done and we've got each other's backs. That's the true test of this instance. One more boss to go.. then we can move on from this nightmare.

We are recruiting a Shadow Priest or Warlock, an Arms Warrior, and a Holy Paladin. Come for KJ... stay for Antorus. Come join a world class guild that only raids 9 hours a week.


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