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    Base requirements
    • 75 traits in your main artifact
    • Viable offspec
    • Competitively geared (965+ ilvl)
    • Above average logs (preferably 80+ percentile as DPS)
    • You have BiS legendaries
    • You are ready to transfer immediately without any concerns
    What we expect
    • You are able to make all our raid times. Special occasions are allowed.
    • You have a functional headset (with microphone) and have Discord.
    • You are not averse to communication and work well in a team.
    • You are highly knowledgeable about your entire class.
    • You have a strong desire to both succeed and improve.
    • You are mature and embrace our way of operating.
    What we offer
    • Flasks, food, potions, repairs, and all other raiding supplies.
    • Strong leadership with excellent communication and clear direction.
    • A spot in progression- not the bench.
    • No drama and no hate-mongers.
    • A community that offers both growth and leadership opportunities.
    Processing Time
    Our turn-around time for applications is usually 24-48 hours, however on our raid days you should expect slower response times.

    Post a new thread with a thoroughly completed application (click button below). Seriously, don't fill out a half-ass application.

    Example thread title: Dobi - Brewmaster Monk

    Armory Link:
    Warcraftlogs Link:
    Average Latency & FPS:

    What is your name, age, and battle tag? Tell us about the person behind the player.

    Provide a screenshot of your UI in a raid and briefly describe how it is setup:

    Provide a list of previous guilds; include what progression was completed with them and reason for leaving:

    Provide a link to a bad log of yours and analyze it:

    Provide a link to a good log of yours and analyze it:

    What are your usual responsibilities in a raid? Explain if you have ever went above and beyond your normal contributions to help kill a boss:

    How do you stay knowledgeable about your spec(s)?

    How do you prepare for progression?

    What made you decide to apply? What are you looking for in a guild?

    Why should we consider you for our team?

    Any references that would vouch for your ability?

    How did you discover us?
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