Mythic Queen Azshara

She took 204 pulls for US 32. We narrowly missed Hall of Fame but I am still proud of the team for keeping our pace from Mythic CoS. This boss was honestly not that fun to progress through. A ton of micro-management and not the fun kind. The nerfs made it reasonable for DPS, but tanks and healers doing a dance of LoS is just terrible encounter design. Mythic Uu'nat was a far more satisfying boss all things considered.

Eternal Palace was overall a pretty great raid instance. The difficulty ramp was a welcome change from BoD. The fights were fairly diverse and we really appreciated having the Ashvane wall. We hope Blizzard keeps up with that difficult mid-tier boss. We've grown a lot over the last few months and we still have some growing to do!

Now for some shoutouts!

Shoutout to our strategists this tier @Olivia @Lucid @Rocktherock @Ravana @Treefee for all the hard work ensuring we were prepared.
Shoutout to @Orderken for kool-aid man'ing through a glass door, getting 100 stitches, and raiding the next day for our kill.
Shoutout to @Suhh for raiding most of Azshara from a 2nd world country at 4am.
Shoutout to @Redmezz for almost making it the entire tier. We miss you pal!
Shoutout to @Cambo @Hillpaw who sadly didn't see much of Azshara.
Shoutout to @daveyo who missed our kill because your computer spontaneously exploded.
Shoutout to the entire team for sticking it out through this lackluster patch filled with needless grinds.
Shoutout to all our friends and past raiders who continue to support us!

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Now we get to farm and play some classic! See you in... the Shadowlands?