Mythic N'zoth

The squid is dead. 291 pulls for 214 US (638 World) and now it's time to shift gears and continue to grow our skill-sets and refine our roster. I'm very proud of our team.

I could write shout-outs for an hour so apologies if I leave anyone out.
  • @Raeb for supporting and growing the group until work got in the way. We miss you, brother.
  • @Ralphh for working hard outside of raid to orchestrate raid-wide cooldowns.
  • @Dobi for continued guidance, @Olivia & @Ravana for the log analysis and advice, and @Treefee for his unique energy and support.
  • @Morose and @Phont for your leadership this tier.
  • @Abyssal for recruitment and also stepping up and nailing down a hybrid strategy that netted us a 32 percent burn before the Heart Chamber! (8 percent ahead of a reasonable goal)
  • @LewdUwU for his preparedness and knowledge of the encounters.
  • @Aimer for stepping in on Drest'agath and slaying out.
  • Everyone in Nascent and all the friends of raiders that root for us.
See you in Shadowlands. Time to farm and recruit. Bless


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