Introducing our Code of Conduct

The past few weeks have been difficult, painful, and eye-opening for the gaming community. It’s easy to want to avoid discussing subjects like abuse, discrimination and mental health struggles—after all, we play games to have fun—but for gaming culture to become healthier and more inclusive, we all have to reflect on the uncomfortable issues facing us and put in effort to improve.

Why do we need a Code of Conduct? Shouldn’t “don’t be a shitty person” just be self-explanatory? Unfortunately that statement, left to interpretation, is simply too ambiguous. How can we reasonably enforce something so loosely defined? Previously, we had some basic internal rules in place concerning matters like discrimination and harrassment, but everyone outside our community had no idea how we dealt with such behavior. We’re solving that today.

Our approach to addressing systemic issues in the gaming community and World of Warcraft is firmly rooted in the idea that we should strive to build each other up, rather than tear each other down. We've had our own issues and incidents of inappropriate behavior to address over the years. While we haven't had any in quite some time, we've worked hard (and even incurred some scorn) in an attempt to help those who overstepped boundaries better themselves. We’ve learned that more often than not, people are capable of understanding where they went wrong and are willing to improve. As such, we decided to adopt a two-strike policy, except in egregious circumstances. Through this, we hope to focus our attention on educating people about why their behavior and language is inappropriate wherever possible. We considered a zero-tolerance policy, but rather than simply ostracize bad actors, we felt it our duty to actively grow a healthier, more positive community.

We hope that other guilds in the WoW community also become part of the solution. This is a difficult topic, and as such we’re more than willing to help other guild leaders in their efforts. Feel free to reach out to us!

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