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    Buddy Applications are closed until BfA begins (exceptions made if you have a friend in Nascent already).

    If you need a home or even have some interest in raiding with us in the future, then you can fill out a questionnaire to join as a Buddy.

    What we expect:
    • You respect the guild while you wear our tag.
    • You understand that you are a friend of the guild.
    • You are a likable individual with a desire to interact with our community.
    What we offer:
    • Alt runs, challenge modes, arenas, battlegrounds, and other organized events.
    • An accomplished guild that you will be proud to be a part of.
    • An opportunity to learn from seasoned veterans of the game.
    Post a new thread with a completed questionnaire (below).
    Example thread title: Dobi - Brewmaster Monk
    Armory Link:
    Average Latency & FPS:
    What is your name, age, and battle tag? Tell us about yourself.
    Provide a list of previous guilds and reason for leaving:
    What made you want to become a part of us? What do you hope to gain by playing with us?
    What activities do you like doing in WoW?
    What games/activities do you enjoy doing outside of WoW?
    How did you discover us?
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