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  1. Dobi

    Mythic Uu'nat

    Uu'nat is finally dead! It took 283 pulls for US31! Even with the adjustments after the world first race... this boss absolutely delivers on the difficulty. Crucible of Storms was an awesome raid instance. The last 7 weeks of raiding have been pretty enjoyable. The state of BfA is pretty...
  2. Dobi

    Mythic Restless Cabal

  3. Dobi

    Mythic Restless Cabal

    Really proud of the team for getting this in 126 pulls for US35. We even spent 3 of our raid nights farming BoD since Crucible release! Really looking forward to the grind that is Uu'nat. Hopefully they don't nerf it too hard and we get a good challenge. Shoutout to everyone who was on the bench...
  4. Dobi

    Mythic Jaina

    She took 325 pulls for US 64. I have mixed feelings about this tier honestly. The first 8 bosses were rather underwhelming in difficulty. Felt like a mad dash to a giant Ice Wall. Really would have preferred to have a more gradual ramp in difficulty. Though... to give credit to Blizzard, it's...
  5. Dobi

    Mythic Stormwall Blockade

    We got this in 50 pulls on our 2nd night of progression. It was a really close kill but we pulled it together and we're 8/9M! Jaina is going to be a long grind for sure based on our first night of progression. Really looking forward to the extended progression though! See you on the other side...
  6. Dobi

    Mythic Mekkatorque

    This took us 67 pulls. We didn't do well at all on this boss for various reasons. A ton of individual responsibility that was rather inconsistent from us. We bounced back tonight from the past two nights and got 7/9M in one night. Looking forward to a solid week of progression on Blockade, which...
  7. Dobi

    Mythic Rastakhan

    This guy took 26 pulls. Haven't really run into a super hard boss this tier yet, which is a little disappointing. Definitely think being 6/9M in week two is potentially indicative of an under-tuned raid. Nevertheless the raid is pretty great so far. The fights have been quite fun. We are making...
  8. Dobi

    Mythic Conclave

    This took us 16 pulls. Again another fight where if you just tweak the timings it falls over. We've made good progress on Rasta, so with any luck we will have it on Monday. Looking forward to getting to the final 3 bosses where the fun really begins! We are recruiting! Check the needs over to...
  9. Dobi

    Mythic Opulence

    We definitely didn't do well on this boss. It took 38 pulls, probably about 2x as much as it should have. For me personally... it's a poorly designed encounter due to the swap mechanic. How clunky and annoying. Some of these fights are simply about getting lucky with your push timing and they...
  10. Dobi

    Mythic Jadefire Masters

    7 pulls to down Jadefire. A bit undertuned if you ask me. Grong down in 18 pulls. We're hard at work on Opulence now. We cleared 9/9H and 3/9M in 4.5 hours this week. Off to a great start in this raid. Really looking forward to the final 3 bosses that seem to be tuned decently well. We are...