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  1. Erazul

    Mythic Jaina

    Proud of you guys, keep it going
  2. Erazul

    Mythic Stormwall

    Less gooooo
  3. Erazul

    Mythic G'huun

    We got it done, Team 6 (now Team 8 by the way), has cleared Mythic Uldir. It took us about 260 pulls but man does it feel good. This fight did not go without its challenges. We had many lane variations due to roster being against us every step of the way, but our team prevailed. We were diligent...
  4. Erazul

    Mythic Mythrax

    At around 60 wipes we got this bad boy down and are ready for G'huun. This fight became light-work for us and only the intermission was what needed some fine tuning. Our kill was solid and we're ready to dive into G'huun. Teamwork and positioning was essential for our success here. I'm happy...
  5. Erazul

    Mythic Zul

    We got this kill a little later than expected, but are nothing short of proud of our team. Mastering Deathwish is our biggest goal on re-clears, and this fight is cake. Shout-out to debuff managers and our DPS who made rogues for this fight. We're well on our way to closing out this tier. With 2...