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  1. Dobi

    Mythic Sylvanas

    What a whirlwind of a tier. It was such a race we just didn't write up any posts for any of the bosses. What do you convey when the fights are so short-lived? At any rate... the tier is officially over! We defeated Sylvanas after 93 pulls. Overall I think we did pretty well. We could have...
  2. Dobi

    Mythic Soulrender Dormazain

    We downed this in 44 pulls. Honestly it took us a bit longer than I think it should have, but you gotta have a boss that really wakes you up for progression and this was it. We've almost got Nerzhul down and I expect us to be on Painsmith this coming Monday, the first true hard boss this tier...
  3. Dobi

    Mythic Tarragrue / Eye / The Nine

    Well, we forgot to take a screenshot of the Tarragrue cause that boss is a meme. We did remember the other two though. 1, 3, and 2 pulls respectively for Tarragrue, Eye, and The Nine. Honestly not much to say about these bosses as they were pretty easy. Additionally we spent about 22 pulls...
  4. Dobi

    Mythic Sire Denathrius

    What a tier! Sire Denathirus is dead in 80 pulls for US 39 (Hall of Fame). Really proud of the team for us having such incredibly low pull counts compared to so many other guilds. Overall Sire was a pretty cool fight, but it was frankly a little too easy. We really dialed in tonight to finish it...
  5. Dobi

    Mythic Stone Legion Generals

    We downed this in 139 pulls. This fight before the nerf was a unique challenge (aside from the obvious bugs) to make a wildly inconsistent fight actually consistent. It's a shame they didn't wait until HoF closed to actually make such sweeping changes to the fight, but what can you do? We had...
  6. Dobi

    Mythic Sludgefist

    Downed this in 73 pulls! This was a super fun boss to iteratively improve on. We had our heartbreaking 0% wipe yesterday and came into today and just 1-shot it. Definitely the most satisfying prog fight to date in the instance. Super proud of the team for coming in way under other guilds in pull...
  7. Dobi

    Mythic Council of Blood

    We downed this in 30 pulls. Exceptionally proud of the team for killing this in such short order. We really came prepared for this fight. Overall it was pretty enjoyable (bias tank perspective?) albeit a tad bit long. The stakes are fairly high in P3 but we managed to make the timings work to...
  8. Dobi

    Mythic Lady Inerva Darkvein

    Downed this in 38 pulls. We were narrowly missing the DPS check or we could have got it a day earlier, but it was an easy 1-shot after getting a little more gear. I think we learned a lot as a team on this fight that has really set us up for the rest of the raid. Takes just one boss to whoop...
  9. Dobi

    Mythic Artificer Xy'mox

    Downed this in 13 pulls. Once we got past the two hard overlaps... it just died? Sort of a weird fight. It definitely had potential to be one of the more interesting fights if they had worked with the timings a bit more. Figuring out the overlaps was definitely fun. The dot hits way too hard...
  10. Dobi

    Mythic Sun King

    Downed this in 27 pulls. Nice to see you again Kael... it's been a very long time since I last fought you. Dude is definitely a bit washed up. This was sort of a gimmicky fight once you nail down all the cooldowns. However it was satisfying to pull off and the first real boss to test group...
  11. Dobi

    Mythic Hungering Destroyer

    Downed this in 27 pulls. Once we figured out how to do soaking we murdered this guy. The first real fight that tests individual awareness. Not a fan of the soak mechanic being yoinked from Uu'nat (the mechanic nobody liked), but onto the next!
  12. Dobi

    Mythic Huntsman

    Downed this in 13 pulls. Most of those were CC being hard or me being terrible at Rip Soul. At any rate a fun boss for the start of the raid. Looking forward to more!
  13. Dobi

    Mythic Shriekwing

    Downed this in 4 pulls. 3 of those wipes were probably my fault. A bit of a meme for a first boss. Kudos to the no-lantern strat from Limit.
  14. Dobi

    Heroic Castle Nathria

    We finished out the heroic week in just 8.5 hours. Given the relative difficulty of this raid compared to previous raids... we're pretty happy with that result. We have put in a lot of work to get the team ready and it is certainly paying off. Castle Nathria has been an absolute pleasure so far...
  15. Dobi

    Mythic N'Zoth

    This one is for you, Ron. 150 pulls for US 26 (World 125) with Hall of Fame. I honestly wasn’t sure if we would make it. We killed it in our 3rd good P3 pull. We optimized this fight more than any other fight in the history of this team. All our timings were on point, the burns were ahead at...
  16. Dobi

    Mythic Carapace of N'zoth

    We downed this in just 31 pulls for US 24. It was indeed shortly after Il'gynoth. We've hit an incredible stride and we are already feeling good on our first night of N'zoth progression. Really excited to see what kind of a finish we can have for the end of BfA! Insanely proud of the team to...
  17. Dobi

    Mythic Il'gynoth

    26 pulls for US 39. That includes the face pulls. Bit of a ridiculous boss. Once everyone finds their spot the boss kind of just dies. Bit underwhelming that you can do the fight like this but it is what it is. We're already almost to Phase 3 on Carapace. We're thirsty for the end of this raid...
  18. Dobi

    Mythic Ny'alotha 1-9

    We've been going so hard we forgot to post any news for these bosses! Unfortunately the instance is a bit under-tuned, which is likely a result of Blizzard missing the mark on balance with Corruption. Thus we find ourselves in a sprint towards the finish line. We've been enjoying the journey...
  19. Dobi

    Mythic Queen Azshara

    She took 204 pulls for US 32. We narrowly missed Hall of Fame but I am still proud of the team for keeping our pace from Mythic CoS. This boss was honestly not that fun to progress through. A ton of micro-management and not the fun kind. The nerfs made it reasonable for DPS, but tanks and...
  20. Dobi

    Mythic Za'qul

    We downed this tentacle dude in 41 pulls for US 27. We came super prepared and killed it in 2 pulls tonight. Really proud of everyone on the team for really doing our homework on this boss and understanding the ins/outs of the fight. Only one boss remains: the Queen. Really pumped to roll into...