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Heroic Uldir Cleared
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We didn't have to add a 4th raid night either. It's disappointing to see guilds add raid nights, but it is Heroic after all... so who really cares. G'huun took 7 pulls tonight. We had 11 pulls back on Wednesday after the World 1st hotfix. It felt doable (with a bit of work), but then again we hadn't seen Phase 3 yet (which was most of the nerf). At any rate... Uldir has been a blast so far. The fights are deceptively simple, yet feel good to execute. We're hoping Mythic tuning feels as good as Heroic has been and we have some good progression ahead of us. All in all... we cleared Heroic in under 7 hours this week, including some shenanigans on Zul.

We are recruiting melee and a mage! Come join our chill team and clear some content on a light schedule.
Mythic Argus
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The expansion is over. 362 pulls for him. We took a risk with the extension, and in retrospect... may have been a little too aggressive. It made the allowance for mistakes in P4 almost nil. We had 1% pulls several nights in a row as a result. We beat the nerf though, finally! In the end we landed US 69 despite not being the most efficient with the use of our time. However, we learned alot in the process!

Personally I feel this fight was well designed. It stands in stark contrast to KJ who had a somewhat opposite progression curve (the last phase was not nearly as demanding to execute). Our team did an excellent job holding it together, even when frustrations were abound with the near-kills several nights in a row. It pushed many of us to the limit, and is absolutely one for the books.

For a strict 9-hour schedule we pulled off a hell of a feat this expansion. Landing consecutively better placements tier after tier. Our only goal has been to simply do better. When I made Nascent...
Mythic Aggramar
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I believe this is the world first kill with a single Deathknight. He died in 142 pulls. We played really well as a team to perfect our add management on this fight. An amazing team effort to kill this, but a special shoutout to @Scrogg for carrying us to victory. Truly amazing work playing Blood on this fight for us. We've hit our stride going into the final boss of this expansion. We love these hard mechanical fights. See you all at the finish line!

Special thanks to all our fans and friends. We love you and appreciate the support!
Mythic Coven of Shivarra
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A measly 13 pulls for us to down this fight. We absolutely dominated. This makes up for flopping around on some of the other fights. Now that all the easy stuff is out of the way... onto the hard stuff. The stuff we have been impatiently waiting for. We're hitting our stride, finally, so here we go!

Shoutout to @Sharkaphor for learning how to use mass entanglement!

We are recruiting an exceptional melee and ranged DPS. We have 2 spots we are looking to fill on the roster. They won't be open long, so come join an awesome team with a huge community behind it.
Mythic Varimathras
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We needed some extra time to figure out how to kill the images that spawned, and to get the markers right. 59 pulls for this guy, on the bright side we are really good at the fight now!

This was part of a double-progression kill for us tonight!
Mythic Kin'garoth
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He took us 40 pulls. A bit more than I think was necessary to be honest, but this is mid-tier and we expect to hit our stride as we roll into the final portion of the instance. Nice work team and keep it rolling as we finish out this expansion.

We are recruiting a melee and ranged DPS!


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