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  1. Dobi

    Mythic Mythrax

    We downed this guy in 54 pulls for US 55. It's really just smashing your head until you perfect the first phase and intermission. This fight was definitely a coordination and execution check. We weren't sure if we'd get it tonight, but we pulled it off on the last pull of the night. We've not...
  2. Dobi

    Mythic Zul

    We killed this in 30 pulls for US 60. Amazing job by the team. It's unfortunate this fight is so rogue dependent, but we're looking forward to a nice change of pace with Mythrax. Super happy with our pace this tier. We'll be pushing hard to finish out before Blizzcon! We are recruiting ranged...
  3. Dobi

    Mythic Fetid Devourer

    This mutant dog took us 75 pulls, well below par. We had a 0% wipe last Wednesday in sub 50 pulls, but had to wait until Monday to finish it off. Zul will be a fast follow this week! The team has been progressing faster and faster as we hit the harder bosses at the end of the raid. We're...
  4. Dobi

    Mythic Vectis

    This boss took us a total of 25 pulls. Very efficient kill and now we're onto Fetid, the first real gear check in the instance. As some of the other guilds drop down their raid nights we continue to keep it consistent with just 3 nights (9 hours). Don't be fooled into thinking an extra night is...
  5. Dobi

    Mythic Zek'voz

    We also killed MOTHER and Taloc, but totally forgot to get screenshots. This bug dude took us 43 pulls. Was not an efficient kill for us, but we've been getting the rust off. Hoping to pick up speed as we head into the mid-tier! Vectis is almost dead (expecting a Monday kill). We have not added...
  6. Dobi

    Heroic Uldir Cleared

    We didn't have to add a 4th raid night either. It's disappointing to see guilds add raid nights, but it is Heroic after all... so who really cares. G'huun took 7 pulls tonight. We had 11 pulls back on Wednesday after the World 1st hotfix. It felt doable (with a bit of work), but then again we...
  7. Dobi

    Mythic Kin'garoth

  8. Dobi

    Mythic Argus